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We are a worker-owned, collectively-run breakfast & lunch restaurant in downtown Olympia, Washington. New Moon is currently made up of 10 worker-owners, 2 of whom are also founders; buying the business from its previous owner in the summer of 2013. Our collective culture is extremely committed to cultivating an anti-oppressive work environment while acknowledging the contradictions that come with capitalist & colonialist food-service power structures. Our collective uses consensus-based decision-making. 

New Moon's Mission Statement

As a worker-owned and collectively-managed restaurant, we believe in the right of all people to have control over their lives and livelihoods. We honor our collective and individual autonomy by creating jobs that foster self-development and well-being; that affirm our worth and equality as workers. We strive to make good food accessible to more people and to grow strong relationships with local farmers, producers, and distributors. We seek to utilize our resources and space to support the greater Olympia community.  

We are hiring a new worker-owner! 

We are looking to hire 1 collective member available to work part-time, including paid weekly collective meetings. This works consists of a combination of cafe shifts and administrative tasks. Because we are a small business, we all share the work involved in running our business. We are currently only looking to hire a person interested in becoming a worker-owner and who can commit to cooperative participation for at least 2 years. 

We are looking for a person with restaurant experience with the ability to work weekday and/or weekend mornings who is passionate about food quality, service, and maintaining a respectful and safe work environment.  

Desired candidate criteria: 

  • At least 2 years experience in a fast-paced food service environment, line cook experience a plus 

  • Strong communication skills, including: 

  • Ability to communicate respectfully and directly with co-workers 

  • Ability to be reached by phone and email 

  • Bilingual in Spanish & English a plus 

  • Organizational/problem solving skills  

  • Flexibility with scheduling and time management to remain accessible to the collective 

  • Attention to detail, while being able to see the big picture 

  • Interest in working both front of house and back of house shifts 

  • Ability to lift 50lbs 


All about benefits, logistics, and compensation 

Initial café training is paid at $15.50 an hour. Shift work is then paid at $13.69 an hour plus tips, shared evenly with shift-mates based on hours worked for the day. Collective work (including office, shopping, marketing, and prep work) is paid at $21 an hour. Meetings are paid at $13.50 an hour. All employees are eligible for paid time off. We try to have two collective conferences in town each year. 
There is a 6-month contingency period before being invited to be a worker-owner. Owners are required to contribute a $350 buy-in which can be paid in installments or deducted from your paycheck over 18 months. Profit sharing is a decision made each year by the collective. We offer dental insurance to worker-owners – we are currently working to be able to offer other health benefits.  

Pick up or drop off an application at 113 4th Ave West before 2pm Friday-Sunday (please wear a mask). You can also visit our website: or email to request & email one back along with a resume. We will be accepting applications until April 4 2021.    

People of Color, trans and gender nonconforming people, people from poor and working-class backgrounds, and women are encouraged to apply.  


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